Saturday, December 30, 2006

Scritch scritch Pen flies across the page
words fall from 20,000 feet
justification of borders
the previous page is in shadow
history only begins after you’re attacked
the economic imperative
the communist threat
our interests abroad

ring ring telephone rings calling
Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Mylai, Lebanon,
Chile, Guatemala, Panama,
supporting democracy
depleted uranium
agent orange
our val yous
our civil
it’s not terrorism it’s self defense
it’s not torture it’s hazing

tweeeeeeet! laser jet drops white phosphorous
on a Moebius strip
chain reactions of violence
axis of evil
climate change is bad science
situational awareness
consequence management

roar roar word is flying at mach 8
why are we cheering is it a coronation?
software generated paper trail proves
election results
the School Of The Americas changes its name
personhood & 1st. Amendment rights
for corporations
free enterprise relaxation of restrictions
on merger & media ownership
threat matrix
modeling fear

smack smack offset kisses the page
with vested interests
legal fictions
duties to money
and other abstractions
form and splinter
and again

whoosh whoosh air brush makes an image
billions kneel, history remembers
but crowds forget
how the glory of god was used
for the glory of man
all you need is enough people
poor enough to need
to believe and then
any image will do

soundlessly invisibly broadband
flies across the screen at the speed of light
crowds cheer, individuals run and hide
why are they cheering, what is it
a coronation, a war beginning, a war
people in trench coats with quietly smouldering
attitudes look thru quietly smouldering ruins
endlessly examining dead bodies for signs of life

drrrrrr drrrrrr drrrrrr
ink jet sprays the page with 50 caliber letters
dumping dead words in a basket
for the president to read aloud
like he was reading them aloud
the rationale is always
we’re being attacked
especially by an enemy too far away
to know well enough
to hate

moebius banality bomblets explode
and create other bomblets
multiply by exponents and compound interests
feedback loops accelerate at mach 8
too late
really bad analogies multiply
Iraq is WW II bush is FDR Osama call your mama
cause your mama is Hitler no bid contracts
are free enterprise hello mustapha we're the heroes
you ordered from the U.S. government
and we're here to help you

printer raps out lines across the sand
word is thing
map is territory
all propositions are true
Ding An Sich is a priori history
in the new word order
the right of return has been rescinded
all attempts at subversion of this ordinance
will be considered
acts of treason


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