Thursday, June 30, 2005

Joe Potatoes Notebook

Suspicious activities. (What’s going on here?)
(Memory gradually returning after the ECT, drug shock & terror at Bellvue mental ward)
Ex con planting Aloe plants.
Why do I feel more human when nobody’s around?
Things like cancer, plaque, cysts growing in our bodies we can’t control.
Likewise in the social body.
Posters of attractive people with problems.
Open mouths of wrenches saying nothing.
National Enquirer: ELVIS MEETS BIGFOOT! I don’t THINK so!
Things we don’t know that hurt us. The more so, the more we think we know them.
Man talking to himself beside the freeway.
Female elephant gets beaten for not doing her tricks right. Bursts into tears, HUMANIZES her captors!?
Woman shot for love or at least what they call love.
Dr. Frankenbush & his zombie bride, Terry Sciavo. "Err on the side of life." If that’s what he calls life, we’re ALL in trouble.
And his "real" wife, Laura, where’d SHE come from, with that strangely dis-affected voice? Hmmm.
The boring crap that’s famous & the excellence that can’t even get a day in court.


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