Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A pome in re previous post (4.21.06)

A Canon Of Excerpts From Graham Greene

the role of cynic doesn’t suit you
wounds of saints
wounds of love there’s
always an alternative to the faiths we lose
ideals we can’t live up to
in the face of the devil
in the details and political jokes
useful to the impotent
role of cynic doesn’t suit
you carry hope like a sacrament in
your pocket if you leave you leave
a bankrupt hotel
the role of unthinking soldier
doesn’t suit you the connection
between the boardroom and the killing
fields has to be kept
hidden did you know
the devil
never grew up, wears
the face of Peter Pan never
connects actions to consequences?
Mickey Mouse forgives him this day his
bottomline did you know
nice guys kill? Bible
open on the coffee table next to
the gin & tonic not
ironic because
you never think
about it Christ
to get any peace it looks like
I’m going to have to assassinate
the whole damned


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