Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cannon on the conservative mine

The conservative mind gives me indigestion

with the insanity & inanity (& Rush & Combs & Hannety)

of processed good and food

whose very ingestion

Begs the question

Of geometry of laws & santa claus & all other image without substance

personified in the pres

against all odds & the constitution

thou shalt not impugn the motives nor impinge the pocket puppet of the profit

nor blame the mainframe market game linesdrawn fairnsquare

unaware just like city blocks in a bucket of rocks

o thou logic based life form

shalt not argue vs the economics that support & transport you

nor go where others fear to break their daily dread

even microbial communication est verboten

in the expanding universe of supersized brains

whose balloon people with the little dots zoomin away at C squared

are automatically unawared

until the poison gas of processed food escapes

allowing them to return to normal non entropic non segregated

non aparteid wide neuron size wide eyes terror I-zed


be in

the world as the law says it is

give in


what a way to make a

live in

the conservative mind the conservative mind

its silence runs deep

disturbs my sleep

hold on it says hold on

to every loan and line and lawn and yawn drawn

with all due respect sir, my friend

while meaning just the opposite

(as one Bob Dylan

said O so much


in our rules for fools private club dues

gas guzzlers & all too inhuman Bar Bie

ques o be silent

if thou canst not be joyful poet at least somebody

thinks they’re having fun

with Blair & Bush’s snotty


YOUS their knotty naughty CIVIL




O government of conservative intent

Why dost so irritate me

When pitchin thy bitchin abstract tent

Over our decalogues, gas logs, yappy little dogs

Ice cream dreams with unconscious screams

Of perfect harmony

don't be rude eatcher poison high tech food

Allow us this quarterly earnings report, a little

Sport, and every abstract quantity

Come to comprise everything meant

By the word ME

& all that is cute

that makes the enemy want to puke

allow us to safely age & turn the page

and the corner from seekers to

dogmatists who make lists

and trysts, clench minds & fists, speak

like fate in simple twists, let us

forget us enough to draw the line

as the line draws us, when expedient throw

parties or our erstwhile

political cronies under the bus

from that first kiss the broken ness

justice clashes to ashes to

de gustibus

The conservative mine the conservative mine
Which season nor reason hath yet to confine
So many nites
The red lites of the radio towers
See how they go neither fast nor slow
Outside my bedroom window
For twenty years
Of uncried tears
Of winken blinken & nod
Indecipherable messages from a mechanical god
A silent drum
The same dumb
Aortic rhythm
O isn’t it time
We broke the code of MINE
Looked aft down the shaft
For smatterins of patterins
You will fit the old mold or be destroyed
Or terminally annoyed
Blink blink blink
I lie here hypnotized
By my metronome shrink
Turning magma to the fog of dogma
Watching each mind and its peculiar ways
Jealousies and fallacies
days and days
Of holding on to MINE
Just draw the line
And so long mom
I’m off to the war
With my guitar
Everything’s excused analogized unpathologized sanitized
Torture is just college hazing
Wink wink wink
The red lights blink
I think I need a drink
Something to curb the aggressive urge
which reason nor season hath yet confined
O it’s dark as the dungeon
Way down in our conservative MINE

o poet bleat not beat not

thy bloody head against the bloody wall

of idiots she loves me nots

and uptight snots

But the conservative mind torments me

Still against my will

With its holdings of squares unawares

with every law & lawn always good

for an impoundment

or confoundment

in its nice warm

abstract tent

With every line & loan & lawn & yawn drawn

Against nature and the night

Which comes anyway with its own dark ideas

Of right & might

Whose holes & absences

Are the only places

We have ever seen the light


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